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This blog attempts to make the Christian Believers life easier by demystifying the character of God


Welcome to the 28th publication of the church series blog. This post features a question that used to bug me when I was younger (somewhere between ages 14–17). You see, there were heights that I wanted to achieve in Christianity but it seemed like no matter how hard I tried I never could.

I remember I answered many altar calls, dedicated and re-dedicated my life to Christ multiple times, but every time before the week runs out I would have done something(s) and dropped the ball, it was really frustrating. What made it worse, was that there were people who…


Hello, this post explains why the blog has moved from WordPress to Medium, the hiatus, and what you can expect now that it's here.

It has been a long minute since I published anything and there are many reasons for that, all the reasons are legitimate and the biggest reason is that I was tired.

As usual, while I was on hiatus I’ve learned and grown a lot spiritually and even started a podcast (that is currently on hiatus too, God help me). The silver lining to all these is that I am getting a lot of rest and time…

Dear God,

we really ought to be gentler with fallen angels.

The ones who are panting for water despite the rivers in their belly

The ones who are sure they’ve fallen out of your Grace despite your voice thundering, boastfully “I have Loved you with an everlasting Love, what can pluck you from my hand!”

The ones who are ashamed of their response to your display on the cross and shield their eyes from your glorious Love crying “depart from us we are sinful men”

The ones who are judged by everything and everyone but you

Let every fall be…

Hello! 😊, I am super pumped you are reading this weeks post, it shows you are interested in deepening your knowledge of the Character of God. I have come to understand that one of the biggest barriers people face when it comes to claiming their free gift of salvation is that the concepts of “Faith and Belief” are so abstract and they are abstract because we do not understand God’s character. Because, how can you claim to believe in who you do not understand. So the primary objective of this blog is to demystify the nature of God so that…

Greetings to you all in the name of our lord Jesus Christ 💖. Specially, I salute every Lagos resident who despite difficult living and transportation conditions braved last week and in the same breath we commit the leaders of our great state into God’s hands 😂

In last week’s brief, we talked about how to love God and I promised that we were going to go into discussions about romantic relationships. It is important we do this because this is the decade most people in my age bracket are going to be making relationship and marriage decisions. In today’s post…

You would expect that the theme for the month would be centered on Love and here it is. I am grateful that we are not going into romantic discussions today because your favorite blogger has been single for a minute. However, we’d definitely talk about it in subsequent weeks in February when I am no longer single and because these things must be said! …

I would explain the very insulting opening line with total faith that you would have been cured of the sickness when you are done reading this post but first, let me tell you about my week.

I work with a company where nobody gives a flying donkey how many years of experience you have. They’d give you projects that require a decent number of years of experience & expertise and budgets to the tune of millions of Naira and then you are required to build castles in the sky. When you complain that it (building a castle…

Hi! I am super excited you decided to read this week’s brief. Let’s get into it

We would start with a definition of the subject matter, Insecurity means not being confident in yourself and in your capabilities. Insecurity manifests in different ways most of which are easily identifiable and the truth is all of us at some point in time have struggled with it and many of us still do. In simpler terms, to be insecure means to not feel secure or safe.

There are some common pointers that can be used to identify if a person is insecure this…

Hi! Before you get into todays post proper let us play a game of words and opposites. As you see the questions make a conscious effort to answer them in your mind. What is the opposite of Tall?, what is the opposite of Big, what is the opposite of Hot? and finally what is the opposite of Peace?

If your answer for the opposite of Peace was war or trouble then you are wrong well not totally wrong but for the sake of this post let us say that you are.

How do we say Jesus is the PRINCE OF…

So, you were told 2019 would be your year but that was the same year your eye saw your ears, people did you strong thing, you failed exams, jobs were running away from you, you lost friends, family, business burnt, scholarships denied and paying school fees was hard.

First, if this was really how your 2019 turned out, I am really sorry about it, things would look up this year. But what am I really talking about when I say you can get Divine help from God for the year? Did you know that there were people recorded in the Bible who were not even Christians and they had amazing years just because they were favored by God? Yes, you read that right, these people were not Christians and some were intentional full fledged pagans and they were being favored at the exact same time some Christians were…

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